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There are ways to search people free with no charge to you. This write-up on how to people search free at no charge will go over ways to use social sites, county record websites and the big search engines to track someone down. There are some great tools to take advantage of to retrieve great results.

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Look Up People Free, No Charge

Let’s start with county record websites to look up people free. If you are looking for someone in your county or a neighboring county, then there are sites for each that will contain tons of free info on the person and their property. First, find a county auditor site for your place of residence. It will be something like “ Once you locate the auditor site, look up your own address or name to see what you find on yourself. Now take this to the next level to search people free with no charge.

You will receive all kinds of records such as an address, purchase price of the property, taxes owed, when the property was purchased, current owners of the property, etc… This is a great tool to check up on your neighbors, to see if they are up on their taxes or how much was paid for the property. Also, if you have found out the address of the person you are looking for, then you can do a little research on their residence and investigate the person’s situation before making and contact.

People Search Free, No Charge

One can use this method to set up a reunion or try and locate a person for free with the use of a social site or multiple social accounts. For a reunion, try setting up an account the is titled with the name of the event. Or, you can create multiple channels with a person’s name that your are looking for. You can use these channels to help set up people interested in joining the reunion and also locate those hard to find people. When setting up these social sites, ensure you invite people in that can help your cause to narrow down the people search results.

Hopefully, you will receive clues as to where certain people are located in the US. Just getting these clues and results will help you narrow down where the person might live. Then you can use the location tips below to find the person you are in search of.

Find People for Free, No Charge Tips

There is a way to use the top dog search engine that begins with the letter “G” to locate a person for free, with no cost to you. The clues that can be given to you through the social site tip or the many sites available on the web can help you find someone.

Let’s say you get tips from your social sites and you have a good idea as to where a certain person is located. Or, if you have no clue, you can use the paid people search sites that are already provided to find hints to the location of a person. This information can help you find someone.

To start, take the person’s name and enter it into the Google search engine with quotes around the name. These quotes are extremely important to narrow down the exact results. If your name is common, then you will need more detailed records to locate the person. Your next step is to enter the name in quotes, add a plus sign and then enter the state in quotes to narrow the results down even more. Here is an example: “Joe Smith” + “Oregon”.

If you found them, then congrats. If not, you will need to use different sites to give you more clues to city or states that a person may live in. Once you have a list to go by, then try different states in the quotes as explained above. The other options is to narrow down the results by city and enter them into the search engine with the plus symbol and quotes. To try this technique, use it with your own information to ensure you know how it works.

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